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Five minutes later, Jiang Xiaozhi came out of the bathroom, holding a cup in her hand, feeling that it was more frightening than a hot potato, and she just wanted to throw it away immediately. The doctor looked at her nervously and reached for it. Come here, lie down! The doctor put the urine into the detector, and the result took five minutes to come out, and then called Jiang Xiaozhi to come over and lie on the bed. Jiang Xiaozhi climbed up slowly, and the doctor opened her stomach. Feeling the sudden cool air on his stomach, Jiang Xiaozhi suddenly sat up and put his two little hands on his stomach in a protective posture. It's all right, it's just a simple check! The doctor looked at her frightened appearance and comforted her. Jiang Xiaozhi pursed her lips and lay down slowly. Did you have any reaction before? The doctor asked as he applied the ointment to her stomach. Well, I'm a little tired, and I wanted to eat sour food before, and then I wanted to eat spicy food. I feel dizzy every day, and I lost my soul. Jiang Xiaozhi answered honestly, his body was still tight, his little feet in white sneakers, and his whole toes were nervously curled together. Did the moon come? The doctor dropped the swab and asked. No.. "Jiang Xiaozhi bit her lip, knowing that this was the key issue related to whether she was pregnant or not, and when she said it, her heart was in her throat.". The doctor nods, this is reasonable, the most basic factor that general hold up infers to be pregnant is the punctual thing of the month or not! "How many days has it been delayed?" The doctor took the instrument and prepared to put it on Jiang Xiaozhi's lower abdomen. Doctor, how many days do you usually get pregnant? Jiang Xiaozhi sat up suddenly, holding the instrument in the doctor's hand in one hand, blocking her way. -End of chapter- 074: My patience is limited. "It's hard to say, it varies from person to person!"! Don't be nervous,x56 line pipe, just think of it as an ordinary physical examination! The doctor looked at her nervously and comforted her. Uh Jiang Xiaozhi nodded and eliminated the messy thoughts in his heart. Then, the doctor asked some questions, Jiang Xiaozhi answered them all, and did some examinations. Half an hour later, the doctor picked up Jiang Xiaozhi, "You can go out and wait, the results will come out in fifteen minutes!" "Mmm." Jiang Xiaozhi pursed her lips, pushed open the door of the office and went out. How's it going Almost as soon as the door opened a crack, Jiang Haicheng stood up,x52 line pipe, and when he was sure that it was her, he rushed over, held her shoulder, and asked nervously. Flashing eyes drifting, that just afraid to tremble heart finally calmed down at the moment, Jiang Xiaozhi found that as long as the second uncle in her side, she is not afraid of anything. The trembling little hand passed through Jiang Haicheng's waist and rushed into his arms. I'm not afraid, uncle is here! She did not say a word, but Jiang Haicheng can feel her fear, he is really damn, she is only eighteen years old, but let her experience this. Jiang Xiaozhi nestled in his arms, did not want to say anything, did not want to move, so he held him. Jiang Haicheng was very anxious, she did not say a word, the doctor did not come out, in the end what is the result. Gardenia! Jiang Haicheng knew that he should not mention this matter to her now, but he really wanted to know in his heart. Jiang Xiaozhi heard his slightly trembling syllables, 316ti stainless steel ,347 stainless steel, moved his fingers, retreated from his arms, and pursed his mouth, "I don't know, the doctor said it would take fifteen minutes!" Fifteen minutes, every day people have to spend countless fifteen minutes, that little time, but at this moment for Jiang Haicheng and Jiang Xiaozhi is endless suffering, this short fifteen minutes, they experience is unable to calm the heart. Jiang Haicheng held Jiang Xiaozhi's hand tightly and took her to sit on the chair. Did not say a word, two people sit together quietly, let time pass from the side of the body! Even the most difficult time will pass, even the most joyful things will end, so it's still the moment of sentencing. Jiang Xiaozhi! The doctor took the test sheet and looked at the two people standing in the corridor. Jiang Haicheng even every cell is tight, Jiang Xiaozhi is afraid to look up, teeth die biting lips. Not pregnant! Not pregnant! She's not pregnant! A few words were dropped like bombs, setting off countless ripples around them, and the calm sea boiled in an instant. Only feel the muscles of the body in a little bit of disintegration, Jiang Haicheng confused head to see the doctor a mouth, the words behind did not hear a word. Jiang Xiaozhi bit his lip, a layer of mist rose in his eyes, and in an instant tears fell down, and his fingers tightly hooked the palm of his second uncle. Some time ago, overeating, irregular diet caused by stomach acid, open a few pieces of medicine to eat will be good! The doctor looked at their stupefied appearance, but also do not understand, just now the girl was so afraid of their pregnancy, but now heard the news of no pregnancy, she can feel that they are not very happy, even a little disappointed! "Good!" After a while, Jiang Haicheng's thoughts drifted back and nodded to the doctor. Xiaozhi, you wait for me here, I go with the doctor to get the medicine! Jiang Haicheng arranged Jiang Xiaozhi to sit on a chair and followed the doctor. Jiang Xiaozhi sat quietly in his chair, his legs bent, his arms around his knees, and his head buried in it. She was not pregnant, she did not have to go through that painful suffering, but why she did not feel joy, the brain is a message, that is, she is not pregnant with the second uncle's child! Jiang Haicheng took the medicine back to look at her, a pain in the heart, squatting beside her, hand fell on her head, "Xiaozhi!" "Uncle!" Jiang Xiaozhi raised his head, reached out and hugged him, burying his head on his shoulder. Tears ran down his sharp chin and fell on his neck, cold and cold, penetrating directly into his internal organs from the surface skin. Heart dense pain, Jiang Haicheng hugged her back, gently patted, let her vent! Finally, he carried her to the car and took her away. Along the way, Jiang Xiaozhi did not say a word, his head resting on the back of his chair, his eyes closed, as if he had fallen asleep. Jiang Haicheng halfway looked at her a few eyes,uns c68700, in the shaking eyelashes to see her mind, she actually did not fall asleep, just afraid that he was worried so he closed his eyes.

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