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Ning Que looked at Sang Sang with a smile, with the mouth shape silently said the sound of hard work, Sang Sang smiled and shook his head, said he was not hard, he was willing to serve the master. The wasteland is vast, although there are many barbarians living here, but relative to the Central Plains, it is still a sparsely populated place, running in the meantime often many days can not meet a person. The journey was very quiet. Ning Que was about to fall asleep. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise outside the window. There were cries of selling, shouts to clear the way, the sound of the waiter welcoming guests, the sound of hooves, and the sound of shouts. How could the wasteland suddenly become so hot? Did the big black horse find a big tribe? Confused, Ning Que lifted the curtain and looked out, then his body suddenly stiffened. Sang Sang came to the window and poked his head out of his face, almost screaming out in shock at what he saw. The black carriage was now parked in a long hot street. The streets were crowded with buildings, pedestrians were busy, shops were crowded, hawkers were shouting one after another, sedan bearers were carrying sedan chairs and shouting repeatedly, and arrogant young people were riding past. Ning Que did not know where this was, but he knew with certainty that it could not be a wasteland. The Master woke up and looked at the couple in a daze by the window. "Have you arrived?" He asked. Sang Sang nodded his head subconsciously. Then he suddenly felt something was wrong. He looked back at the Master and said, "We have come to a place, but we don't know where it is.". The Master glanced out of the window and said,brushless gear motor, "Yes, this is the capital of the State of Song." Ning Que is very shocked, Sang Sang is very shocked, they can not understand, one moment, these people are still eating roast leg of lamb in the depths of the wasteland, how the next moment came to the capital of Song? You should know that Song is on the bank of the East China Sea, thousands of miles away from the north of the wasteland! Really the most shocking is the big black horse, to know that it is pulling the cart all the way,Small Dc Gear Motor, Ning Que and Sang Sang did not see this process, but it is clearly seen. Clearly in front of a piece of grass, and when the front hoof fell, it fell on the bluestone road, this instant conversion of thousands of miles, directly let it frighten four hoof soft. In the eyes of normal people, there are many things that can never be done, as long as the master, there is nothing impossible, such as Sang Sang is seriously ill, Ning Que is injured all over, and now it is all right. There are a lot of things that can not be understood, as long as it is related to the master, it can be understood, now Ning Que and Sang Sang will hold this idea, because the master is not human, even Ning Que now think that the master is not human. The black carriage drove slowly in the busy streets of the capital of the State of Song. The Taoist temple was surrounded by a dark crowd, Small Geared Motors ,Micro Gear Motor, praying for the holy war on the wasteland. They did not know the end of the holy war, let alone the most crucial person in the war. Now they had come to the State of Song and came to their side. When the night faded, the light faded, and the blue sky and white clouds reappeared, the people of Song stood up from the ground, and their lives returned to normal at an unimaginable speed. Not everyone was still concerned about what happened in the northern wilderness. Some people had begun to care about their own business and their own career. The black carriage stopped in front of an unremarkable restaurant. The restaurant was already full of people, and the sound of drinking and boxing was heard all the time. The Master took Ning Que and Sang Sang up the stairs and went through the diners and drunks to the relatively quiet third floor. Previously, he was kneeling on the ground and shivering. At this time, he began to drink and eat meat. The business of the restaurant is so good, not only because of the shock, but also because everyone needs to eat. The Master looked at the diners downstairs and said, "For ordinary people, eating is always the most important thing, because eating is to live, and living is more important than the war on the wasteland, more important than the law, more important than morality, more importantthan faith, more importantthan anything else." "Living is the most important thing, is the only purpose of living, any emotional knowledge and other things, are living accessories, we must understand this order." Ning Que thought about it and said, "But there must be some meaning in life, otherwise it's not interesting." The Master said, "Of course you have to pursue something, but you have to live before you are qualified to find meaning.". ” "Absolute self-interest?"? Against all sacrifice? "When I say living, I don't mean living by one person, but living by many people." "It seems complicated." Teacher, what exactly do you want to teach me? "I want to tell you that since living is the most important thing, eating is the most important thing in the world." Ning Que touched his stomach, thinking that he had just eaten the roast leg of lamb, and what would he eat? Before he could figure it out, the Master had picked up the menu and ordered eighteen dishes. Suddenly I want to change the introduction to: This is the story of an old foodie and a lot of foodies. (To be continued) www. Xiaoshuotxt. com What the hell? It's the weekend again. I wish you all a happy weekend. There will be an update tomorrow to make up for the leave I asked for the day before yesterday. Conscientious, strive for excellence, this is obviously not what I do, but the goal and pressure I give myself. I went down to swear, and it was so annoying. Please vote monthly, Bazar. Hey! I really count on your help and encouragement. Then, no praise, no brothers, no good sisters who hit me. With tears in my eyes, I am very nervous these two days. Good night (To be continued) RQ co WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Volume IV The Year of the Curtain Chapter 65 Looking at the Sky in the Plate The Master loves to eat and is good at eating. As long as he is present, it is certainly not the turn of others to order such things. The so-called hot and cold meat and vegetables, the monarch, minister and assistant, are very refreshing. Just looking at the menu is enough to make people drool. Those dishes look simple, but the ingredients are actually very sophisticated, need to be made on the spot, there is still some time before serving, the master has already made arrangements, a basin of iced taro paste on the table. Dessert is the pursuit of sweet, I most despise, is those who require dessert to be light,Gear Reduction Motor, if you want light, you drink water, what sweets to eat? 。

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