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Zhang Xingfeng suddenly touched the diary on his chest, and his mood did not change at all. What's the matter? What's the matter with me? Have I forgotten Rou? Zhang Xingfeng muttered to himself. How could I forget Rou, how could I? Zhang Xingfeng frowned. With a slight movement of his hands, the chaotic force immediately rushed to the tomb composed of the secret stone. Suddenly, the tombstone slowly moved, and a door appeared in the place of the original tombstone. Zhang Xingfeng went in. It was a world of ice and snow, and the temperature was controlled by Zhang Xingfeng, and the cold was the only tone. The softness in the ice coffin is still so beautiful, so moving, and the ice coffin makes the softness as beautiful as in the past. Zhang Xingfeng looked, looked, the expression on his face was extremely complicated. What's wrong with me? What's going on? Zhang Xingfeng kept asking himself in his heart that he did not believe that he would forget Rou. Zhang Xingfeng's face began to turn red,electronic board for classroom, and even his forehead began to sweat, but Zhang Xingfeng still looked at the soft, kept looking. He kept asking in his heart. What's wrong with me? Don't I really love you? No, no, I love Rou. But why.. Why Zhang Xingfeng's whole body began to emit bursts of heat. Suddenly,digital touch screen board, the heat around Zhang Xingfeng disappeared, and a sweet smile appeared quietly on his face: "Rou, I finally understand." Zhang Xingfeng took a deep look at the softness in the ice coffin and suddenly turned away with a smile on his face. "Big brother, your body is not good, that's it, if you let Le Yue know, then the consequences are not what you can bear!" As soon as Wolf Feng turned around, he was pleasantly surprised to see Zhang Xingfeng coming over. He immediately laughed and scolded, smartboard for business ,touch screen board classroom, "Second brother, what are you talking about? Le Yue won't treat me like that. What's more, my body is much better now. Zhenyuan Li's recovery is also very fast. It is estimated that he will be able to recover completely in less than half a year!" "Of course," said Zhang Xingfeng with a smile. "Don't you see how many pills I've spent on you?" Suddenly Zhang Xingfeng stopped smiling and said, "Let's get down to business. This time Zhu Li gave you a palace and asked Dongfeng yuan to give it to you." Wolf Feng was stunned and suddenly said with a smile, "Don't lie to me. How can Dongfeng Garden give it to me?"? According to Le Yue, Dongfeng Garden is Zhu Li's favorite palace. At the beginning, Le Yue and Zhu Li had asked for it several times, but they didn't succeed. Even if they gave it to me, they wouldn't give it to me. Zhang Xingfeng suddenly smiled and said to himself, "Zhu Li, Zhu Li, you are really awesome. You actually sent out your favorite palace. It is estimated that you prepared to give this palace to Le Yue and Brother Wolf Feng to get married early in the morning. Le Yue asked you for it, but you didn't give it to him. Now you actually did a favor and sent it over through my hand. Do you think I am happy like this?"? Alas. It seems that I really have a crush on you! Zhang Xingfeng looked at Wolf Feng and said, "You really don't believe it. Zhu Li announced it in the throne room. It is estimated that someone will send the key in a few days. When you go to live in Dongfeng Garden, you will know whether it is true or not!" Wolf Feng said in disbelief: "Second brother, what you said is really true. Oh, God, you are really good to me. Le Yue has told me several times that he wants Dongfeng Garden. I have been worrying about it. Now it is so easy to solve it. Ha ha.." Ha ha ha ha.. Looking at Wolf Feng smiling so happily, Zhang Xingfeng also smiled slightly. ———————————————— Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, Wolf Feng's wedding was coming. The location of Wolf Feng's wedding was also decided. It was in Dongfeng Garden. For this wedding, Zhu Li made a lot of efforts. The elite of the whole Central Corps was selected to be the guard of Dongfeng Garden. They also sent several top chefs from the imperial kitchen to Dongfeng Garden to dress them specially. Of course, Zhang Xingfeng's handwriting is much bigger than Zhu Li's! One thousand congenital masters are all from the Beast Legion. Zhang Xingfeng has also refined twenty thousand elixirs in the past few months, which makes the number of congenital masters of the Beast Legion reach a terrible level. According to Zhang Xingfeng's words, "Li Tianxiang has fifty thousand congenital masters, and we will continue to work hard!" One thousand congenital masters completely protect the whole Dongfeng Garden, and the elite of the Central Legion can only stand aside. In addition, Zhang Xingfeng even asked Uncle Zhang to carve a huge jade carving of "Dragon Flying and Phoenix Dancing". All the jade of "Dragon Flying and Phoenix Dancing" is high-grade purple jade, up to five meters high and ten meters long. The price of this jade alone is estimated to be five million taels of silver! Uncle Zhang's world-shaking carving pushed the value of this huge jade carving to the peak. According to experts,touch screen interactive whiteboard, such a large'dragon flying and phoenix dancing 'carving, and the use of a high-grade purple jade, but also insolent works! The value of this carving is estimated to be around fifty million taels of silver! Fifty million taels of silver.

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