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How to create an assignment for a student If the testing system has a module "Test Builder", it is advisable to see what it looks like the task presented to the student, and if necessary Make corrections to the text, to the figure, change their relative position. Built into learning platforms as testing Built-in test modules already provide placement of test tasks in sections of the discipline, so the tasks are entered in the the appropriate sections and checking the integrity of the bases is not checks the integrity of the bases are not required. The next step is testing in control groups. During these tests using generates statistics of answers, students' questions, remarks of colleagues, programmers are collected. After a preliminary analysis of the statistics of answers and remarks are culled or corrected unsuccessful assignments, rational remarks are corrected colleagues. The ready base of test assignments can be solved using modern tools like research paper writing service, which have for examination in the organizations that have the right to do so. If base will receive a positive conclusion, it can can be recommended for commercial use in educational organizations. It should be noted that even ready and examined BTZ requires the author's support. It is necessary to periodically monitor the statistics of its use, remove very easy and very difficult tasks, to introduce new ones in connection with the inclusion of new material in the study of a discipline. Of course, testing as a method of control has and its own limitations. The easiest way to use a pedagogical test to check the extent to which students have mastered of the learning material. Checking for in-depth understanding of the subject, the mastery of a style of thinking that is appropriate for... 107 discipline, in this case is very difficult, although in principle it is possible. The absence of direct contact with the student, on the one hand, makes the control more objective, but on the other hand, increases the probability of other random factors influencing the result. The best effect is a combination of pedagogical tests and traditional methods of control within the technology of teaching Control questions Basic Principles of Pedagogical Control in higher education institution. 2. Ways of evaluating learning achievements in higher education institution. 3. The concept of the fund of assessment tools, its composition, place and The concept of a fund of assessment tools, its place and role in the educational program. 4. Testing, its place in the system of control of mastering students' mastering of academic disciplines. 5. Requirements for the composition of test assignments. 6. The order of formation of a base of test tasks. 7. Capabilities of the testing system Indigo for preparing databases of test tasks and testing. 8. 8. Using tests to assess the effectiveness of of the educational process: advantages and disadvantages. RELATED RESOURCES: A system of creating assignments for students They are called distractors What are the PT indicators oriented to in the educational process? Some requirements for essays and assignments. What should be the base of test assignments

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