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After all, the amount of money this time is a little big, will Shen Zhinan have no money to do this to himself? Maybe say it to him again in a good voice, and he'll give it to himself? Shen Guang flashed a pile of confused ideas in his mind, but suddenly remembered the object of Shen Zhinan's previous place. Huo Huaibei. He is a rich man. Isn't the money he owes a drop in the bucket for him? I'm sure he won't be distressed. Anyway, Shen Zhinan is his son, and Shen Zhinan has been with Huo Huaibei before, he is a father, it is not too much to break up, right? So think, Shen Guangwei simply feel that he is a peerless genius, such a good idea really can come up with their own, without too much hesitation, Shen Guangwei directly picked up the mobile phone began to check Huo Huaibei's company address. A low-key luxury car slowly drove to the door of the company, after the rear door opened, Huo Huaibei slowly came down from the car, followed by Chen Bingbo. Why do you want me to come to the company? Chen Bingbo looked reluctant,inflatable amusement park, "I just came back and didn't have enough fun, so you pulled me over as a free labor force?" Huo Huaibei glanced at him coldly. "Do you want your father to come and take you home now?" "All right, Sweets, I'll do whatever you want today." Chen Bingbo is best at the helm of the wind. The two of them went to the door of the company, and when they were about to enter the company, a shadow came out from the side and stopped them in front of them. Who Li Lin to see the situation is not right, originally behind Huo Huaibei suddenly blocked in front of Huo Huaibei. The security guard standing at the door also saw this situation,Inflatable indoor park, and hurriedly ran past to see that General Manager Huo had not had an accident, and then pulled the figure that had just come. Shen Guangwei struggled with a bad face, "you let me go." "General Manager Huo, I know you and I have something to do with you." Shen Guangwei smiled on his face. There are a lot of people who know General Manager Huo. What are you? One of the security guards was disdainful. What do you know about a broken security guard looking down on me? Shen Guang is very thick-skinned, and immediately turned to Huo Huaibei, "Huo Zong, I know you, I think you should also know me." Huo Huaibei and Chen Bingbo looked at him without knowing why. I'm Shen Zhinan's father. My name is Shen Guangwei. In order to break away from the shackles of the security guard, Shen Guang stretched out his hand to Huo Huaibei and made a gesture of shaking hands. Huo Huaibei looked doubtfully at Shen Guangwei, but still stretched out his hand and shook hands with Shen Guangwei. Shen Guangwei immediately glanced at the security guard who had just looked down on him with a smirk on his face. Huo Huaibei paused, but because he was Shen Zhinan's father, he was still a little stiff. "What are you looking for me for?" Huo Huaibei looked at Shen Guangwei in front of him, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable air dancer, but felt that he was not like Shen Zhinan anywhere. We went in and said, "Shen Guangwei is not ashamed at all. He still wants to go into the building of Huo Huaibei Company." We went in and said. " Chen Bingbo felt a little surprised, but also with a trace of disbelief, pulled Huo Huaibei, the voice is a little small, "he will not be a liar, right?"? Is he still Shen Zhinan's father? "I thought Shen Zhinan was raised by a honey pot family." Related to Shen Zhinan, Huo Huaibei felt that he would rather believe it than not. He ordered Li Lin, "You invite him to the reception room first." "Good General Manager Huo," Li Lin nodded to Huo Huaibei and politely opened his mouth to Shen Guangwei: "Mr. Shen, you come with me first." After Li Lin took Shen Guangwei in first, Huo Huaibei and Chen Bingbo looked at each other. Why do I think he is not a good stubble? Chen Bingbo looked at the back of Shen Guangwei's departure. Huo Huaibei's eyes are deep. "Take one step at a time." "Huo Zong," Li Lin looked at Huo Huaibei sitting in the office, "I just asked him what he refused to say, said you go to say again." "All right, I'll go there now." Huo Huaibei nodded. In the conference room, Shen Guangwei quickly stood up from his chair, "General Manager Huo." "Since you are Shen Zhinan's father, you don't have to call me General Manager Huo, just call me Xiao Huo." Huo Huaibei slightly bowed to Shen Guangwei. "That little Huo." Shen Guangwei hesitated, "I won't say anything polite to you, I came here today for a purpose." "You say?" Huo Huaibei listened attentively. Shen Guang's face was full of grievance and hesitation, "you see." You've been in love with the south of our family for so long, at least a little friendship. "What about me.." I came to see you, and I wanted to.. Ask for some money. Shen Guangwei looked at Huo Huaibei with embarrassment on his face. He had intended to find Huo Huaibei and Shen Zhinan's break-up fee, but the break-up fee is more or less far-fetched. Look like this, Huo Huaibei still has some feelings for Shen Zhinan, not as good as. Ask Huo Huaibei for money for another reason. Little Huo, you don't know. Shen Guangwei looked at Huo Huaibei and began to wipe his tears, "south of my home, he." He's not filial. I got sick and he didn't even give me money. I had no way out. After hearing this, Huo Huaibei's expression changed, and he knew that the Shen Zhinan described in Shen Guangwei's mouth was not the same as the Shen Zhinan he knew. This Shen Guangwei is lying. Huo Huaibei received a good face, expression with a trace of indifference and resistance, "Mr. Shen, you go, I have no money." "And it's not appropriate to call me Xiao Huo. You'd better call me General Manager Huo." Chapter 46 being beaten. I didn't expect Huo Huaibei to change his face so fast. Shen Guangwei also thought that he did not seem to have anything inappropriate to say. Little Huo.. Why did you suddenly. Shen Guangwei still doesn't understand what the problem is. Huo Huaibei stood up and prepared to call the staff to send Shen Guangwei away. Hearing Shen Guangwei's words, his face was expressionless. "I told you not to call me Xiao Huo." "General Manager Huo." Shen Guangwei immediately changed his words. He knew that Huo Huaibei and Shen Zhinan were not the same kind of people at all. If he took Shen Zhinan's attitude towards Huo Huaibei, he would never get any good fruit to eat. I really need a sum of money, "Shen Guangwei simply cruel heart,inflatable amusement park," you think I this is you and the south of our family break-up fee, I know you are very rich, you are not bad money.. " 。

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