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SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE OF THE MASTER'S STUDENT - WRITING, PUBLICATION, ERRORS Master's students have long been no longer perceived as just students. They have a lot of tasks before them, including written and published scientific articles. Why, what gives such a privilege and is it not a waste of time? Alas, more precisely, fortunately, these are the new realities of education. Take them as a chance and a way to fulfill yourself. Why does a master's student need a scientific article? The master's program consists of two approximately equal parts - research and education. The first is based on a plan with individual content. A supervisor is appointed. Doesn't it look like anything? Exactly. This program is akin to postgraduate study, hence the principles are also similar. Writing scientific articles is an informal prerequisite for admission to the defense of a dissertation and obtaining the corresponding status. There are some parallel aspects: gaining experience; increasing the chances of participating in the struggle and winning grants; preparation for further scientific activity, admission to graduate school, writing a dissertation; an attempt to find like-minded people; positive image in the eyes of teachers. The undergraduate must look several steps ahead. Not a single good publication has hurt anyone or become superfluous. On the contrary, it is an investment in yourself. The legislator does not establish how many articles the master's degree students should have. This information needs to be found out in your educational institution, at the department How can a student write a scientific article? The algorithm of actions is similar to all scientific works. However, a fruitful dialogue with the scientific advisor and the department is needed. It will not be superfluous to enlist their support. They may even offer a list of relevant topics, if there is no idea of ​​their own. The ideal scenario is when master's articles become a logical continuation of the thesis written earlier. It's easier and more interesting in every sense. A competent approach assumes that this material will be used in the future for a dissertation. If you have such plans, make a knight's move. The writing principles are universal: Interesting, relevant, original topic; Scientific novelty and significance; Literacy; Uniqueness; Reality of information and problems; Structuredness; Quality bibliographic list. It is necessary to write a research work in advance, with a margin of time, so that it is ready and published at the time of defense of the master's degree. In fact, this life hack works with any kind of work. Perhaps no one would need an essay assistant job if people just wrote everything on time. But sometimes people take on too much and can't even complete their geography homework. And we can We will always be happy to help you with a variety of tasks. Stages of writing a master's article Consistency and proper planning are of the utmost importance. You need to focus on 3 stages of writing: Preparatory. Without exaggeration, the success of the final result depends on it. Literature is selected, problems are worked out, the positions of other authors are studied, gaps, weaknesses, unexplored issues are revealed. A work plan is drawn up. Basic. All prepared material is given an article form. In other words, it is the direct writing of the material and all its structural elements. The introductory and concluding parts are being worked out, the "body" of the research is logically stated. At the stage of writing, a list of sources is formulated. Corrective (final). The master's student needs to check the uniqueness, correct design and formatting, literacy, links, applications. And the main thing is to check the criteria with the site for publication. Where can a student publish an article? This task is among the top most difficult ones. It just so happened that not all publications welcome young authors with open arms. To get into the rating so-called VAK magazines (by the way, the name is outdated and it’s right to say - fah magazines) - you need to try. One can only dream of international authoritative publications, for example, Scopus, WoS. There are no unsolvable problems. There are several ways: monitor publications, take a closer look at the editorial policy of domestic magazines; ask for advice from the supervisor, at the department, from more experienced colleagues. They can throw up a few win-win options; participate in conferences, and with a positive outcome of the speech, high-quality material, it is here that there is a ready-made publication platform - a collection of conferences; use this format as co-authorship. Interacting with more experienced and reputable researchers has many benefits. The correct, proven and win-win method, how to avoid mistakes and prepare an impeccable master's thesis - CLICK HERE and contact the Essay assistant company. It is important to understand that we will not only help you with your research paper or dissertation work, we are always ready to take on smaller tasks, such as homework. For many years now, our specialists have been helping students to close their minor debts with laboratory work or practical work We very much hope that this article has fully disclosed the topic of writing a scientific article. RELATED RESOURCES: 10 Things Students Should Do to Become Rich Higher education at the universities of Florida, USA. industrial-design-at-the-us-university-for-teenagers

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