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With the benefit of the Five Elements Escape Method, it turns into the vitality of heaven and earth. There is really no one in the realm of cultivation who can stop Kong Zhuo. However, this is just a thought. Now the true element in his body may not be able to fully support his wanton use of the five elements of escape, and he does not want to show in front of others this kind of escape which is almost completely incompatible with the world, which will only bring him trouble, big trouble. Fortunately, now that he has reached the realm of frost congealing in the first cold day, he can completely ignore such things as soul-eating beetles. This is which bastard's doing, unexpectedly made a worm nest here, this interest, is really unbearable ah! Just like the blue flame just now, there was an insect nest in the passage, which blocked the whole passage, from top to bottom, without a trace of foot. When Kong Zhuo looked at the dense, almost completely blocked the whole passage of the strange things, can not help but shake his head, although he can ignore this insect, and this insect will not cause any harm to him. But let him step into this insect nest as if nothing had happened, but he did not want to do it. It was so disgusting that Kong Zhuo felt a chill in his back when he thought he was going to step into the soft, stinking insect nest. I can't get through the front! After coming to the front of several people, Kong Zhuo shook his head helplessly, "a nest of insects on the earth.". They're all soul-eating beetles. The passage is blocked to death, tighter than the flame, there is no gap at all, although those insects have no effect on me,Coil Nail Making Machine, but if you want to pass, I'm afraid it's very difficult! "Is it all blocked?!" He Jiufeng's eyebrows could not help wrinkling up, although they were well prepared for this time, but never thought they would meet this soul-eating beetle. And it's such a big nest, even if they have heart armor to protect their bodies. I have absolutely no confidence that I can stop so much. What they wear are all treasures. Even close to the immortal and even the immortal level of the heart armor, but in the face of almost a large number of soul-eating beetles, it is impossible to guarantee that one can not leak the block, even if one is missed, for them to cultivate the true,Nail machine manufacturer, it is also a big trouble. So, several people's faces can not help but sink up, after a long time, that he Jiufeng looked at Kong Zhuo in his spare time. Kong Yin Daoyou seems to have a well-thought-out plan. Have you thought of any countermeasures? Please give me some advice! Kong Zhuo took an unexpected look at He Jiufeng. Just now he made that appearance, that is, he wanted to tell them that he had a way, but he did not expect that this He Jiufeng would release such a low profile. There was no countermeasure, but after what happened just now, I had an immature idea! Kong Zhuo said, touching his nose, "just now, He Zhangjiao should have got a lot of benefits from that flame, right?!" "Not to mention the benefits, but I have some experience!" He Jiufeng said, "Why, does it have anything to do with this?!"! Even if I get some benefits, I don't have the confidence to get out of the worm's nest. "It seems that the master still doesn't know much about the treasure in his hand!" "Do you know the origin of this thing?!" He Jiufeng's face suddenly changed, this treasure is a senior of their Xuantan Zong in the nameless star to get the treasure, Coil nail machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, although they know that the power is infinite, but since the past Dynasties, no one has ever really been able to use this treasure, can only judge that it has a destructive energy, the past Dynasties can only barely use it, although the power is good. But compared to send a few pieces of fairy hidden, or more inferior, not this treasure is not as good as those pieces of fairy, but because no one has ever been able to really play its power, now listen to Kong Zhuo unexpectedly, seems to have some understanding of this treasure, so, He Jiufeng can not help but some excited up. "I can't say clearly, but I can say I know something about it, because I've seen it before, but that time, it's much more complete than it is now!" Kong Zhuo smiled, smiling with a hint of inscrutable taste, do not know, was really frightened by him. No, a group of Xuantan Zong's sons, together with his disciple Ding Yi, were all frightened by him. Please also ask Kongyin Taoist friends for advice! He Jiufeng said, step forward, toward Kong Zhuo folded his fists, showing the color of hope on his face, but whether the color of hope is true or false, it is quite useful in Kong Zhuo's eyes. As far as I know, this treasure is called Ruyi Golden Cudgel, which is a very aggressive treasure. However, besides aggression, it also has a strange function, that is, it can change its size freely! "Free to change size?!" "Yes, change freely, input your true yuan, and then make him big, make him small, he is good, the most important thing is that it is full of destructive energy, which is different from the true yuan, so if you can make it similar to the size of this channel, and then stimulate the destructive power inside it, even if there are more soul-eating insects in front of it." There is no way to block our way! Kong Zhuo said with a smile, looking at He Jiufeng with a strange smile in his eyes. In a word, he Jiufeng's teeth were itching with hatred. As long as you lose the true yuan, you can stimulate the power, so that you don't have to worry about the soul-eating beetle in front of you. He did not know whether what Kong Zhuo said was true or not, but one thing was clear. That is, if this level of treasure in hand really needs Zhenyuan to stimulate its own power, then, the Zhenyuan to be consumed is not a little bit, he is sure that the energy can stimulate the power of this treasure by his own strength, but after that, his Zhenyuan will be almost wasted. And the elders around him. Although the strength is good, but in the face of Kong Zhuo such an obscure cultivator,iron nail machine, it is a little cheap, if Kong Zhuo has any changes in his own cultivation, he does not think that these elders can stop.

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