Oct 222013

Starting today the crowdfunding campaign for GNUPanel is online!

We had to wait and work a lot but we get help from many friends. Now it’s time to spread the word about the project to reach many potential users and supporters, increasing the chances of meet our goal: A .DEB package and then the GNU package.

We have many ideas and proposals.
The website gnupanel.org will be active soon and 100% dedicated to this software. There will be many assignments to distribute and build a strong community around GNUPanel.

News will be published here and our social network but mainly in the campaign’s page.

LINK TO THE CAMPAIGN: http://igg.me/at/gnupanel

Oct 032013

We are looking for companies willing to support our campaign. And we are also considering the FSF’s opinion regarding crowdfunding platforms that use privative software taking into account their recommendations.

All of this has delayed the project launching date just a few more days!

Consultants and experts advise to increase the audience volume as much as possible. So, as we get ready for publication, we ask your cooperation to communicate this project within groups you know interested in free software, web hosting and GNU / Linux.

Our social networks presence can be found on this same page. And remember you can contact us here.

Thank you!

Sep 252013


Next week we’ll start the campaign that will end with GNUPanel’s new version.

As we described in this special section the project will be focused on a brand new code, an optimized design including many users’s suggestions, a plug-ins system for flexibility and an improved look and feel.

These big and neccesary changes will contribute to get the best web hosting control panel available as free software!
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