Sep 252013


Next week we’ll start the campaign that will end with GNUPanel’s new version.

As we described in this special section the project will be focused on a brand new code, an optimized design including many users’s suggestions, a plug-ins system for flexibility and an improved look and feel.

These big and neccesary changes will contribute to get the best web hosting control panel available as free software!

Cooperation: Key to success

Every crowdfunding campaign propose a budget and there are two ways to try to achieve the goal: flexible or fixed funding. In this project we will opt for a fixed funding scheme, a model also called «All or Nothing».

In the «all or nothing» model every person who decides to finance the project knows that it will be completed in due time because IF NOT each contribution is reimbursed.

Flexible funding let developers keep the raised funds even not reaching the goal, but this is not our intention. Our only interest is to have this new code finally available and allow the evolution of this software.

10 dollars to make it happen

It is essential to get as many participants in the campaign as we can. An ideal example would be to reach 2500 contributions of $ 10 to accumulate $ 25,000, an amount of money otherwise unattainable to finance every aspect of the job.
The task will be undertaken by a team consisting of three members and the budget provides four full months time to write and package the code, write documentation, design, advertising, third party services, taxes and fees.

Thousands of users and small companies spend each month a minimun between 20 and 50 dollars in billing software, live chat, monitoring, web hosting and programs like GNUPanel. Very popular applications or services worldwide as CPanel, WHMCS, ClientExec, ClickDesk, Hyperspin and so many others. That’s why we think it worth to contribute $10 or $25 to GNUPanel.

Everyone can be part of it!

There are at least 3 way to help:

  • With a financial contribution according to your possibilities
  • Spreading the news by whatever means you have at your fingertips
  • Visiting daily the project’s link to increase its relevance

Those who can not contribute financially can help a lot commenting in forums or social networks and visiting the campaign’s link. More activity represents more chances to succeed.

GNUPanel should be a standard solution for any web hosting needs or projects and nothing better than making available to the community a code suitable for evolving and adapting to different systems.

GNUPanel may finally become a GNU package right on time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Richard Stallman’s fantastic idea. Help us to make it happen!

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