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Welcome! My name is Kurt. From a childhood I loved reading books. By the time I’d grown up I’ve understood that my passion is writing, I have started my career as a translator but right now, I am working as a freelance writer at PayForEssay. I love spending my holidays camping with friends and everything which related to active sport.. Do you want to learn to write more beautifully? Good lyrics are often created as mystery, and of course they sound scary. But don't worry. Good writing, transferring rules, a kind of science. The rules are necessary for the nobility, for writing texts, for the brain to understand everything more beautifully 1. Strive for visibility and engage in dialogue 2. Beware of the "curse of knowledge" 3. Don't hide the main thing 4. You don't have to play by the rules (although you have to try) 5. Read, read and read again 6. Good texts are born as a result of revision Six tips from Kurt to make your writing cool: Write as you speak, draw pictures, tell stories. Be specific, help the reader see things with their own eyes, and don't try to impress them. Beware of the "curse of knowledge." Ask someone to read your text and rate - how easy it is to understand. Don't trust your brain. Don't hide the meaning. If readers do not understand what is at stake, they lose interest in reading. You don't have to write strictly according to the rules. Sometimes you can break them. Read more. Never stop learning. Good text means reread and revised. Never click submit before reading your article several times. But don't try to perfect it.  

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