GNUPanel 2.0


A FREE Universal Hosting Control Panel

After many years the moment has come! We are about 90 days away from a complete new code for this software.

GNUPanel 2.0 is a complete rewriting of our old code

Below we explain why this rewriting is needed and for those willing to know more details you can read a brief history about this software.

This is a short list of main features in GNUPanel 2.0:

  • A complete web hosting control panel for Debian/Ubuntu systems
  • Adaptable to other major GNU/Linux distributions (CentOS, Fedora)
  • Published under GPL license
  • Multiserver & IPv6 support
  • New graphic interface
  • Plug-ins system to extend functionality
  • DEB package to run “apt-get install gnupanel”  !!
  • Basic code ready to build a true GNU package
  • Integrated tickets system
  • Payments gateway modules

gnupanel 2

¿Why a complete new code?

A few years ago we got an email from Richard Stallman proposing us to build a true GNU package with GNUPanel. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it due to personal issues detailed here.

GNUPanel works very well but we never thought it was going to be attractive as something bigger. That’s why the code (scripts, functions, etc) is full of spanish words and names. This was a very big difficult to interact with members of the community to make a development team.

Version 2 will totally solve this problem and will have a much better code in terms of flexibility and design.

A crowdfunding project for GNUPanel 2.0

Last few years have seen an incresing number of Crowdfunding websites, with lot of features and posibilities for ideas all over the world.

During september 2013 a crowdfunding iniciative will be online to complete this job. Development costs, fees and third party services will be covered with funds we expect to raise.

We hope to inspire a big community to participate with small contributions. We know of many programs used on daily basis that require monthly payments of USD 5 to 20. Billing software, control panels, chat online tools, server monitorization and so.

We believe it worth to contribute just once to reach a free software goal like this, so useful for users and small companies.

Please see our Indiegogo fundraising campaign page. Thank you!

  4 Responses to “GNUPanel 2.0”

  1. Excelent your first version, i propouse maybe for gnupanel 3.0 that use a public repository like github and make integration with openstack your panel is excelent complement to admin the servers. Maybe integrate a API to make addons for the software base.

  2. La campania donacion ya esta cerrada. Abranla denuevo. Cualquier otra cosa en la que pueda colaborar me avisan. Uso GNUPANEL en produccion desde hace muuuchoo tiempo! Saludos!

  3. Hi Team,

    I did not found any link to download GNUPanel-2.0 anywhere. Could you help me to download this package. I want to install it on debian wheezy.

    Amit Bondwal

  4. i would love to try 2.0, but i did not find any links related to it. where can i found it?